Tropical Marine Ecology (Belize)

We highly recommend that students and teachers get a copy of this field guide created by the station managers. It is available in paperback and electronically for Kindle ebook readers.

Tropical Marine Ecology

This book is designed to introduce students to basic concepts of tropical marine ecology, while specifically addressing issues relevant to Belize. No prior knowledge of marine biology or related subjects is assumed. References and case studies at the end of each chapter encourage readers to delve further into topics in accordance with their specific interests, knowledge and experience.

Species Checklist


We are pleased to present our safety protocols to help give you a better idea of how we manage various activities while working closely with the Tobacco Caye community.

Services and Tools

  • TCMS Services (2016 PDF) – Our list of services as discussed on this site. We have raised our prices slightly for the first time in 2 years, to cover increased fuel prices and improved food.
  • TCMS Cost Calculator (2016 Excel Spreadsheet) – Download our Cost Calculator, an Excel Spreadsheet that allows you to calculate costs based on number of nights, number of people and your desired itinerary.