We welcome graduate, postgraduate and independent researchers to conduct their study and research at Tobacco Caye Marine Station.
Researchers have full access to the Marine Station, including our scientific and sampling equipment, and extensive library with laptops and satellite internet. Since Tobacco Caye is situated directly on the barrier reef, there is no need to travel significant distances to access study areas and to gather data. TCMS can arrange boat charters if travel to more varied sites is necessary for your research,and can arrange diving gear and tanks. We provide assistance in obtaining research and collection permits, arrange transportation to and from the island as well as room and board throughout your stay at Tobacco Caye.


Interns and volunteers are most welcome at Tobacco Caye Marine Station. Successful applicants do not necessarily have to have a strictly scientific or marine ecology background, but do need to be eager to learn about the environment in which they will be working, have strong work ethic, and adapt easily to new cultures. We ask potential interns for a commitment of at least one month, and the available funds to cover a reasonable daily rate that supports your room and board expenses while based at Tobacco Caye Marine Station.

Professional Services

The staff of TCMS are professional marine biologists and oceanographers with practical experience in scientific methodologies and conservation. Staff have lectured at the undergraduate and graduate level, and are experienced thesis advisors and readers. We are available to assist and guide participants in their research projects, including the use of our underwater survey and laboratory equipment.



  • Water table
  • Microscopes (Compound and Dissecting) with digital camera attachment
  • TCS, pH, Ammonia Metres
  • Plankton Towing Nets
  • Current Metres
  • Transects and Quadrats
  • Binoculars
  • Slates
  • Niskin Bottle and Secchi Disks
  • Coring Samplers
  • U/W Video and Still Cameras