Question: why do squid line up in formations?
Answer: in addition to flashing colours and creating eye spots to scare away predators, squid also align themselves perpendicularly to appear bigger. In schools it then appears that they are in formation.

Question: I saw this snake while snorkelling. What is it?
Answer: this is a Sharptail Eel, not a snake. It got its common name because it can burrow into the sand tail first. It is not venomous or dangerous, and feeds on small crustaceans.

Now just a paint job needed...and maybe a little patio. ...

After a very hectic 5 days of construction, our new classroom and wet lab received its first group with resounding success. With 33% more space the students were very pleased. We'd like to thank our building crew and volunteers: Mike, Dave, Pack Bread, Nobel, Donkey, Sylvano, and Player. And of course, a great big thank you to Monkey Bay, Fermin, Reef's End, JoJo's, and Mark for all your support in making this happen!
Stay tuned for more photos as we add finishing touches.

Super exclusive spy photos of the multi-talented Eric. Not only does he catch them...he's a wizard in the kitchen too...apron and all :) ...




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